High-tech artificial fabrics rise silk by the spring manufacturers

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In the spring of high-tech synthetic fabrics like silk, designer Kim Jones is experimenting with similar themes at Alfred Dunhill, where he recently became creative director. Mr Jones's first ready-to-wear collection for the brand will be launched next year. "I've been thinking about traditional fabrics and different treatments for these fabrics," he says. I like to do traditional things in non-traditional ways." In the past, Mr Jones has used windproof fabrics and neoprene to make dress shirts and bespoke suits, respectively, for his own label and with sportswear brand Umbro.

Professional and targeted brands are also tapping the potential of functional fabrics. Visvim, designed by Japanese designer Hiroki Nakamura, is known for its interesting combination of high-tech materials and traditional designs. Visvim's conservative wool jackets, for example, are made of hand-woven tweed and gore-tex finishes. Sportswear brands such as Puma, adidas and Nike have helped spur the change as they have moved into luxury goods. Yohji Yamamoto's y-3, adidas's fast-growing sportswear brand, regularly publishes bespoke clothing in gore-tex, polyamide and spandex. Notably, yohji yamamoto created blazers and jackets out of Gore(usually used in mountain clothing). Stella McCartney's women's line for adidas also USES some new materials, including processed paper. "Designers have been playing with materials," says Gary Edgley, head of men's wear purchasing at Selfridges. They want comfort and function."

Functional fabrics become the price threshold

For many brands, the use of high-spec fabrics is a key differentiator from cheap and fast knock-offs. Matthew Murphy, creative director of the b-store in London, argues: "it's a reasonable explanation for the higher prices." The company is a magnet for newcomers to the fashion world. "You can buy a cheap jacket," he adds. Men are learning that's the difference." So, what's next? One anonymous author of a fashion blog called Stylesniper offers an answer. He told salazar: 'give me the' outfit 'so I can cycle to work in it and then work comfortably for about 12 hours and then end the day at a leisurely pace to blend in with the surrounding social environment and be protected by these factors.' Achieving this will not be easy, but the Outlines are about to emerge.

"It's still just the beginning," said Ligaya Salazar, director of the Fashion V Sport show. "designers are starting to realise [sportswear]." The exhibition, which explores the impact of sportswear on fashion and streetwear, opens Thursday at the Victoria &Albert museum. The show features Prada Linea Rossa and Stella McCartney for Adidas and Cassette Playa.

"In the past, people were ashamed to talk about synthetic fabrics because they were cheap. But the way people live is changing. People need comfort and function." "It had a profound impact on men's wear. Functional wear is important for men, who are bigger buyers of sportswear and casual wear. Thirty years ago, men still wore suits and hats to work."

Famous designers are also embracing high-tech fabrics

The latest generation of designers is experimenting with technology. Miuccia Prada has used faux leather in its men's and women's collections, a new fabric that blends cotton and nylon but looks like leather. Christopher Bailey, a longtime neoprene lover, took it a step further with his Burberry Prorsum men's collection, using rubber-treated, feather-light silk. Junya Watanabe, meanwhile, made custom coats out of synthetic polyester woven in intricate patterns.

High-tech swimsuits from NASA technology, self-cleaning suits made from silver nanoparticles and sports t-shirts that help muscles move -- welcome to the world of smart fabrics! They allow athletes to perform better and withstand tougher conditions.

The rise of high-tech fabrics

But things are changing in sports and apparel. Fabrics are no longer confined to sports tracks, they are heading for fashion tracks.

Recent men's collections from Raf Simons, Burberry Prorsum, Jil Sander and Prada have featured neoprene, teflon, gore-tex and the latest sci-fi treatment, from bespoke suits to shoes.