Yingkou meidian home textile co., LTD. Is a professional enterprise specializing in the development, design, production and sales of silk products. Adhering to the theme of "from natural and healthy life", the company is committed to developing and producing green, healthy and popular products with more than 30 years of experience in the silk industry and industry resource advantages, and has won the unanimous praise of the majority of consumers.


The company's flagship brand "depot", to "gold quality, along with the" core "custom" is the management idea, since 2010 the first "silk by the scene production project" the brand operation mode, won the support and honest operators to promote, avoid the phenomenon of illegal operators realistic-looking operations and reshape the silk by the product image.


Depot "silk" brand silk dress project, over the years through professional textile with the joint efforts of scientific research personnel, from the process of spinning, weaving, garment production, has the breakthrough in fabric structure process, highlights the silk protein fiber contains 18 kinds of amino acids required for human body and skin beneficial combination, effectively relieve skin aging, allergic dermatitis and other skin problems are common.


In 2018, the company grandly launched the silk clothing project of "silk debao" brand. [from natural and artisanal manufacturing] silk clothing of "silk debao" is the "skin care product" you wear on your body.